Why your credit card PIN is now important

In Germany, you only need the PIN for your credit cards to withdraw money. It changes. In the future, the PIN will also be requested from the cash register. Why this is so and how you can simply remember your PIN.

Whether at the petrol station or in the supermarket – at credit card we have long since got used to having to enter the PIN. Now you also need your PIN when you pay with your credit card at the counter. This applies to all Sparkasse credit cards issued from July 2017. This is intended to provide additional security and prevent credit card misuse.

When traveling abroad you should know your credit card PIN anyway. In Great Britain, France or Switzerland, for example, you have been asked to enter your PIN for a long time.


Easy to remember: the desired PIN

PIN code

You have already received a PIN with your credit card. Is it difficult to remember? You can change it to your individual PIN at any time so that you can memorize the number sequence more easily. This works in a few steps at each of our ATMs.


You don’t know your PIN anymore?

You don

Did you receive a PIN from us a long time ago and you can’t remember it? Then act now. Apply for a new PIN. This also applies if your credit card is due for exchange in a year or two. You have various options for this: 

  • You contact your customer advisor in your branch. There you can apply for a new PIN.
  • You can now apply for the new PIN online in the service center on our website. Prerequisite: Your account is activated for online banking.
  • Have you received mail from us in the past few months informing you about the change in the Sparkassen credit card? Then there was usually an application form for the new PIN. You can use this to order the new PIN by post.

By the way: The PIN does not change when the card is exchanged. The number that you have been using to withdraw money from the ATM remains.