Credit card: the all-rounder among payment methods

Credit cards are not only a practical means of payment on vacation, they also make life easier at home. Find out what you can use a credit card for and what types of credit cards are available.


What can you do with a credit card?

credit card?

The little piece of plastic in your wallet is a real all-rounder. You can use it to make cashless payments at millions of acceptance points worldwide and withdraw cash in local currency from ATMs in almost all countries. The credit card is also a common means of payment in most online shops on the Internet.


What types of credit cards are there?

Credit cards are available in different versions. With the basic credit card you load a credit from your checking account onto the card. You can only spend this credit when using the card. You have control over your expenses at all times.
With MasterCard Standard or Visa Card Classic, sales are debited from your checking account once a month. So you remain financially flexible. You will also enjoy other benefits such as the travel emergency service. You can get help around the clock on a telephone hotline – if you lose your card or if you have any medical or legal questions.

The MasterCard Gold or Visa Card Gold also offer you a high-performance insurance package. These include travel health insurance abroad, travel cancellation insurance and a foreign car protection letter.


How does payment work on the Internet?

credit payment work on the Internet?

You can pay safely and conveniently with a credit card in almost all internet shops worldwide. The money will be credited to the dealer immediately. The ordered goods will be with you faster. Many shops ask for the card verification number. You will find this three-digit code on the back of the credit card to the right of the card number.


What to do in the event of loss or theft?

Have the card blocked immediately. To do this, call the nationwide uniform number(free within Germany). This is how we can limit the damage. If you have reported the loss immediately, you are liable for a maximum of 50 dollars. You will receive a replacement card from us within 48 hours.